⏰A Fan Observations🌠

The foster is an estimated cycle of wrong actions and events. There are innumerable troubles based on love's relationships. A type of motivation towards homosexuality the attraction or romance of two people of the same gender is being establish during all the seasons. More typically seem by one of the main couples the kids parents who are Steph Lena two lovely women.  Also the love triangle developing between Brandon , Callie and Wyatt-(new character show in the second episode, he talks to Callie) 

Although Callie is more connected to Brandon at first and so on he is the wrong choice as we look at it because she wants to be part of the Fosters'family and other word she wants to be adopted. Wyatt the other guy Callie and he are more outgoing meaning not really into a social group, he is a type of rebel and she is misunderstood.

Well, that's my perspective on analyzing the fourth or third episodes in which both of them teared their journal'pages and throw them in the trashcan.

In Mariana's Quincienera you can see all the conflicts, discussion between her an Jesus ( Marina and Jesus the twins⊗). This actually started when Mariana gets money by selling his brothers pills. Then Jesus kissing Lexi-(Mariana's best friend) breaks out reflecting to a greater problem. 

On Mariana's bithday Callie goes to the beach where Wyatt is with his friends, after talking with Brandon probably because she does not wants to make the same mistake as she did with Liam-(Liam is Callie anterior foster brother with who she had a kind of relationship more sentimental). 

Beyond all of that, us the viewers of the show we would strongly imply that the main focused or idea behind this visual art is the family. How the members of a family should support and love eachother no matter what?. Demonstrating care, respect, but most of all actuable people actions receiving understatement from their love ones. 🌟🌟

Something that must be practiced wider in our society,wait, in our homes.  


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