The Foster:↗ first episode↖

💬💬Okay. This is not about all the things that went down on. the TV show during june 3rd, 2013. Yes I do know mostly every single detail of it.

CALLIE!!. The girl that’s always In trouble, running and messing up with her life.

She meet Steph & Lena future foster mothers. That is not it again but when the excited and also not much important things happen. Those who see as irelevant at the moment but crucial to the story line.

Remember the first minutes at the juvenile detention center. That moment was so rouge Callie’s fight with the girls, she asking for jude like for two seconds before meeting Lena. Those times are not only emotional but they also connect us to the main character. We developed simpathy towards her through those moments.

Before actually getting into it lets talk about the series for those who do not know the fosters is a program that in air on ABC networks that technically just follows the live of the fosters family.

This family is constituted by a lesbian couple( Steph and Lena), two adoptive kids(Jesus and Mariana) and one of the mothers biological son(Brandom). The addition of two more kids as well but that’s later on (Callie and Jude her brother).

Now that, that is set up if you pay attention at Brandom and Callie how they connect with music you can realize Brandom interest in Callie.

Yes; I am a Brallie shipper. I really love them both they are great together. How Brandom help Callie in her problem with jude without any regret about it? and how he defended her by explaining everything to his parents. Oh almost forgeting when he angrilly says “don’t touch her” to her and jude’s foster father. Wow! is all I can get out of there that was so sweet of him.

I believe he is perfect and she is totally broken which make those to an excelent and complicated match. Opposites attrack isn’t that right?.

So that’s about it for right now. My first blog post is done. Working in a second addition with more actions and personal opinions. The next post is going on the first 5 episodes.

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