Out of The Way🌞 and Unconditional love

Well, is time to describe one of my favorite episode: episode 7 “The Fallout”.  The things that come down is this part of the show are mainly how can the characters fall into trouble dramatically, in a innocent way  because of specific daily life’s situation taking to a new different level.

It evolves expectantly around the decision that makes an or more  outsiders that would effect the others perspective.

If you haven’t figured out yet, then I’ll say it. The twins ( Mariana and Jesus) are having complications with one another as well as with their biological mother who needs  help.

Also, Lena trying to get Callie into therapies, and did so.  Oh, and as in for fathermore it introduces the background of a new character.

Liam the guy Callie had a relation ship with when she was underage and it did not ended up well. This time went  different Liam showed up at anchor beach. He attempted to hurt Callie again but Wyatt defended her.

This results in an outstanding moment between Brandon and Callie.

(Brallie-moment) She opens up to Brandon and tells him about her terrifying experience with Liam. Later on, Callie will reveal her story not only to her mothers but to the people at the therapies. On top of that,  we  realizes more indeed that the pages of the journal she teared in episode four talked about him(Liam).

For the first time something is actually  going out with Jude’s life, besides being Callie’s brother, and being an abused child. He mets one of his classmates with who he is paired up with to work on a project.

The guy’s name is Connor, he and Jude made some bonding in this episode.

Once again the twin brutal fight that had as consequence Lexi(Marina’s bestfriend) being pulled out of school. After finding out the involment among Jesus and Lexi.

At least the Mariana and Jesus mother is having hard time staying sober but it does not stop her from being a terrible mom in my opinion. She had the courage to asked her daughter Mariana for money once again.

Incredibly as it sounds she does not know what dignity is nor the meaning of family.

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