Clean, this is the name of the next episode on the Fosters. Why Clean? On a, ABC Family show, it is hard to know why something. The title of any complicated and thoughtful program may do not completely connects to the theme or we are not available to identify this connection.

On episode 8, the word clean is use as a metafore. The key to find this is to focus on the name after having watched that full hour, plus another hour of thinking.
A metafore because some sort of secret is reveal from the characters, they come out clean.

We realize how the importance is marriage for Lena. Also that being in a gay couple is frustrated for her. We know this because someone slips the information: her ex-girfriend which build tension between Steph and Lena. They are not really married, and they had decided that they didn’t need a paper to be happy, but Lena though otherwise and she lets Steph know this, she comes out clean.

Jesus and Marina tell their mothers about Ana and her addition problem with drugs. Jesus sees his birth mom in need, and as any other child he wanted to help her; forgetting everything he had said before meeting her. Mariana does not want to see her again, which is understandable because the last time she saw Ana it was to give her money. Now, the twins came out clean by reveling Ana to their mothers.

Mike, Brandon’ s father “started to drink again”. We actually hear this frase from Brandon itself who confessed this to his mother. Steph takes this information to her boss since Mike and her are officers, and partners in the workfield. Brandon and Steph come out clean when they confront Mike.

Surprisedly, Jude is not in this episode. He is a sweet little boy, the scenes with him are more tender and sympathetic. Jude is just a kid his innocent, for now. There is nothing to reveal about him.

Callie?? Well she didn’t reveal anything ither. During this all time she was being goodhearted as every single main character, better said mostly every single main character. Talya (Brandon’s recently ex-girfriend) is upset by the fact that a video where she is drunk spread around the school, Callie comforts her and then she ask Brandon to be nice with her.

After that, Callie does the worst thing she could ever do: She asked Wyatt out!

As for it they go to the movie theater together.

If you guys remember Callie went clean by telling her story with Liam to the rehabition group in the last episode. This my reasonable answer for why this episode is named as it is.


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