It Blows Your Mind

Wow, this occasion is the moment to describe the most unexpected and little hurtful two episodes in a row. Yes, it is double info, double fun. There is also a kind of excited situation that can only be seeing, to be feel.

Unfortunately, that action takes place on a hospital.


One of the family members, Steph got shoot. After she and Mike where searching Ana’s house because apparently Jesus went to see Ana, but the audience doesn’t really know much Just that everything is dark and then the “bang” is heard. Not that interested it is actually a microsecond of excitement at first, then it changes the mood to sad and hurtful. Well, Mike obviously takes Steph to the hospital, so she can have the proper medical aid.

Back on the world of before, before you know the love of your life is unconsiently in critical conditions. Lena picks up Jesus who was  downtown getting Ana into a women shelter. Finally, almost all the family members are waiting anxiously for news on Step’s state, tension builds up.

The only one outside is Callie who is talking to Wyatt about Brandom. Letting us find out that she likes Brandom.

Marriage is our next stop. Steph and Lena’s wedding has lots of ups and downs, and disgraments on casual things as the flower and the dressing parts. Rumors/critical comments are made by both Steph and Lena’s families about this type of marriage between two women. I not sure when did one of them ( Steph or Lena) propose, I guess some of the flashbacks Steph had while injured make them do this faster.

During the flashback we see how they met, and how their relatioship grew, until they decided to have a family, after falling in love with eachother.

Everything is going great, well relatively speaking, but then Callie shows and the picture. She has a emotional slipped that can destroy the chances of her and Jude of getting adopted.

What I mean about this, during the wedding ceremony Brandon was telling her how beautiful and smart she is, he conclude by adding that she deserves better. PUFF! It came from slow motion to a rapidly kiss. Jude sees them and tells Callie that she always ruins everything, so Callie runs away.

Oh, and something really sweet that happens by the end is that Mariana sings a song to their mothers. The viewers are left with a scene were Callie packed her stuff and leaves the house. I know is so selfish of her leaving his little brother so he can get adopted and she cannot ruin more things for him.😃😃

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