Lights, camera, action.

Misunderstood rebels.

EPISODE 10 ( “The honeymoon”)

So, last blog left out a quite informative and excited journey to talk about. oh, what was that? Callie ran away; wait why?  Jude finding her with Brandon during a very affectionate scene.

After the wedding Callie takes a decision and looks for Wyatt she asked him to hit the road together. Even know the attraction he feels for her, Wyatt is not really convinced in  helping Callie to run away and less convinced on going with her. Surprisingly,  he does accept on taking her but he only lasted a day. Yeah, this guy call Steph and Lena, and he told them were Callie was.

Callie and Wyatt spend the night on a motel then they had something to eat (see the picture above)

That didn’t stop her though, Wyatt when outside the room to make the phone call but what he didn’t know was the Callie was looking to his every single move, by the window.

In the other side of the story is the family. Steph and Lena are wondering why the Callie left. Brandon feels guilty because he knows she left to make everything right. Different opinions start to fall out and Brandon can’t stand to hear them (Steph, Lena, Mariana, Jesus) talk about Callie so he confessed.

Brandon ” She left because I kiss her.”

Brandon ” We are in love; you can’t tear us apart.”

Two simple sentence make a huge shock not only for the family in the show but also to the audience in real life. After this confession Steph get Wyatt call and she Lena drive to their location. Callie was no where to be found!..

In this episode the other kids don’t do much really Jude is mad with Brandon for telling the truth for everything and Mariana finds out Lexi ( Mariana’s best friend/ Jesus girlfriend) is leaving to Honduras.

Yeah, that is about it.

Ironically this episode is called honeymoon, you know the last one episode 9 was the wedding between Steph and after that they are suppose to have a honeymoon but they cancelled because of Callie’s situation.



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