Hello, here we are back again. It does feel like long time, but even know this show is once a week it actually moves really fast. Since last time this problematic girl has been missing Callie, of course well I’ll first say the excited part she is and jail now.

Interested to know how she got there keep reading. Not here, keep going.

is my honor to say that bad things do not need a lot requirement to get then done just gotta be yourself.

At the end of episode ten, we see Callie getting on a bus, but I don’t know why since she is heading no where. Well, expectantly with no destination she is force to get off at the last stop. Expose to many risk out there, with strange people Callie decides to call her dad from one of the public phone. This is when she realizes her dad was out of jail.

Oh, that skip that part. Her dad went to jail for driving drunk, and he was responsible for killing his wife. It was a car accident he was driving. Then Callie and Jude where put in a foster home.

That moment the authorities on the line tell her he got out is priceless her expression is unique. She brakes into tears. All the emotion are felt in this scene.

In the house Brandon and Jude have a special moment when they both came out and say that it wasn’t the others fault Callie left.

We are transmitted to Callie was again, she starts to think about Steph and Leena their moms, two lovely women. Callie feels guilty like she betrayed them because of what happened with Brandon and she knows that the kiss was wrong that they are foster brothers. Any way even know is wrong I do not agree with her they  are not brothers, and they are in love there is nothing wrong with that.

For fathermore lets just say Callie went to a store and grab a soda and sandwich not to use the term steal. The businessmen at the store knows this, and call the police by this time she does not care about anything. It was like in the first episode when she gets beat up so sad and careless.

This what I mean about doing bad things just gotta be yourself, do not think. You get hungry then you eat(steal), you love someone then you expressed this(wrong), you do not care about something( It hurts).

Prove my point.✔




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