Turn down

Episode 12 and 13

Last episode was a roller coaster of emotions, following this girl’s journey, we were left with Callie turning herself into the police for stealing a sandwich and a soda. Ironically, she is a rebel, who has done lots kind of things but stealing was not something you would consider someone would go to jail for.

In this moment though, in episode twelve Callie gets introduced to the people who would decide what will happen to her. Step and Lena decided to not interfere with the law. Callie has gone to jail twice already, and  if you go back a little you will remember the first episode when Callie hits her foster father’s car to defend Jude ( her little brother). Well, and since the accident with Brandon, Callie gets sent to a foster girls home. There she meets a lots of girls, but more importantly Rita the woman that works in the care system, and its in charge of the house she is now.

Brandon feels bad, and he sets out to be track her location  since Steph and Lena are not telling him anything about the case with Callie. Jesus is having problems with his health after playing a basketball game with Mike( Brandon’s father) and he faints. Later on Brandon over hears Callie is at Girls United and he proceed looking online.

Callie is in the care home and Rita makes many rules and guides to live there. Callie looks at the window and sees Brandon; she runs outside and hugs him.

Steph and Lena want to adopt Callie, talking about this with  Callie’s probation officer who gives them a restoration order to keep Callie and Brandon apart. They are foster brothers or they will be and they can’t be together.

Oh, and Mariana volunteers to help the play at the school just to impressed a  very cute guy. While Jesus tries for the wrestling team. After Mike tell him to do sport. Although Jesus wants to get out his aggression, ranginess, but instead he gets crush a by girl. Yeah he went against a girl to fight and he lost. A girl has an advantage when she gets match up with guy in a fight of course not always.

Callie is staying at Girls United, but she is trying to figure out how to get out of that place legally of course.




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