Clean, this is the name of the next episode on the Fosters. Why Clean? On a, ABC Family show, it is hard to know why something. The title of any complicated and thoughtful program may do not completely connects to the theme or we are not available to identify this connection.

On episode 8, the word clean is use as a metafore. The key to find this is to focus on the name after having watched that full hour, plus another hour of thinking.
A metafore because some sort of secret is reveal from the characters, they come out clean.

We realize how the importance is marriage for Lena. Also that being in a gay couple is frustrated for her. We know this because someone slips the information: her ex-girfriend which build tension between Steph and Lena. They are not really married, and they had decided that they didn’t need a paper to be happy, but Lena though otherwise and she lets Steph know this, she comes out clean.

Jesus and Marina tell their mothers about Ana and her addition problem with drugs. Jesus sees his birth mom in need, and as any other child he wanted to help her; forgetting everything he had said before meeting her. Mariana does not want to see her again, which is understandable because the last time she saw Ana it was to give her money. Now, the twins came out clean by reveling Ana to their mothers.

Mike, Brandon’ s father “started to drink again”. We actually hear this frase from Brandon itself who confessed this to his mother. Steph takes this information to her boss since Mike and her are officers, and partners in the workfield. Brandon and Steph come out clean when they confront Mike.

Surprisedly, Jude is not in this episode. He is a sweet little boy, the scenes with him are more tender and sympathetic. Jude is just a kid his innocent, for now. There is nothing to reveal about him.

Callie?? Well she didn’t reveal anything ither. During this all time she was being goodhearted as every single main character, better said mostly every single main character. Talya (Brandon’s recently ex-girfriend) is upset by the fact that a video where she is drunk spread around the school, Callie comforts her and then she ask Brandon to be nice with her.

After that, Callie does the worst thing she could ever do: She asked Wyatt out!

As for it they go to the movie theater together.

If you guys remember Callie went clean by telling her story with Liam to the rehabition group in the last episode. This my reasonable answer for why this episode is named as it is.


Out of The Way🌞 and Unconditional love

Well, is time to describe one of my favorite episode: episode 7 “The Fallout”.  The things that come down is this part of the show are mainly how can the characters fall into trouble dramatically, in a innocent way  because of specific daily life’s situation taking to a new different level.

It evolves expectantly around the decision that makes an or more  outsiders that would effect the others perspective.

If you haven’t figured out yet, then I’ll say it. The twins ( Mariana and Jesus) are having complications with one another as well as with their biological mother who needs  help.

Also, Lena trying to get Callie into therapies, and did so.  Oh, and as in for fathermore it introduces the background of a new character.

Liam the guy Callie had a relation ship with when she was underage and it did not ended up well. This time went  different Liam showed up at anchor beach. He attempted to hurt Callie again but Wyatt defended her.

This results in an outstanding moment between Brandon and Callie.

(Brallie-moment) She opens up to Brandon and tells him about her terrifying experience with Liam. Later on, Callie will reveal her story not only to her mothers but to the people at the therapies. On top of that,  we  realizes more indeed that the pages of the journal she teared in episode four talked about him(Liam).

For the first time something is actually  going out with Jude’s life, besides being Callie’s brother, and being an abused child. He mets one of his classmates with who he is paired up with to work on a project.

The guy’s name is Connor, he and Jude made some bonding in this episode.

Once again the twin brutal fight that had as consequence Lexi(Marina’s bestfriend) being pulled out of school. After finding out the involment among Jesus and Lexi.

At least the Mariana and Jesus mother is having hard time staying sober but it does not stop her from being a terrible mom in my opinion. She had the courage to asked her daughter Mariana for money once again.

Incredibly as it sounds she does not know what dignity is nor the meaning of family.

⏰A Fan Observations🌠

The foster is an estimated cycle of wrong actions and events. There are innumerable troubles based on love's relationships. A type of motivation towards homosexuality the attraction or romance of two people of the same gender is being establish during all the seasons. More typically seem by one of the main couples the kids parents who are Steph Lena two lovely women.  Also the love triangle developing between Brandon , Callie and Wyatt-(new character show in the second episode, he talks to Callie) 

Although Callie is more connected to Brandon at first and so on he is the wrong choice as we look at it because she wants to be part of the Fosters'family and other word she wants to be adopted. Wyatt the other guy Callie and he are more outgoing meaning not really into a social group, he is a type of rebel and she is misunderstood.

Well, that's my perspective on analyzing the fourth or third episodes in which both of them teared their journal'pages and throw them in the trashcan.

In Mariana's Quincienera you can see all the conflicts, discussion between her an Jesus ( Marina and Jesus the twins⊗). This actually started when Mariana gets money by selling his brothers pills. Then Jesus kissing Lexi-(Mariana's best friend) breaks out reflecting to a greater problem. 

On Mariana's bithday Callie goes to the beach where Wyatt is with his friends, after talking with Brandon probably because she does not wants to make the same mistake as she did with Liam-(Liam is Callie anterior foster brother with who she had a kind of relationship more sentimental). 

Beyond all of that, us the viewers of the show we would strongly imply that the main focused or idea behind this visual art is the family. How the members of a family should support and love eachother no matter what?. Demonstrating care, respect, but most of all actuable people actions receiving understatement from their love ones. 🌟🌟

Something that must be practiced wider in our society,wait, in our homes.  


The Foster:↗ first episode↖

💬💬Okay. This is not about all the things that went down on. the TV show during june 3rd, 2013. Yes I do know mostly every single detail of it.

CALLIE!!. The girl that’s always In trouble, running and messing up with her life.

She meet Steph & Lena future foster mothers. That is not it again but when the excited and also not much important things happen. Those who see as irelevant at the moment but crucial to the story line.

Remember the first minutes at the juvenile detention center. That moment was so rouge Callie’s fight with the girls, she asking for jude like for two seconds before meeting Lena. Those times are not only emotional but they also connect us to the main character. We developed simpathy towards her through those moments.

Before actually getting into it lets talk about the series for those who do not know the fosters is a program that in air on ABC networks that technically just follows the live of the fosters family.

This family is constituted by a lesbian couple( Steph and Lena), two adoptive kids(Jesus and Mariana) and one of the mothers biological son(Brandom). The addition of two more kids as well but that’s later on (Callie and Jude her brother).

Now that, that is set up if you pay attention at Brandom and Callie how they connect with music you can realize Brandom interest in Callie.

Yes; I am a Brallie shipper. I really love them both they are great together. How Brandom help Callie in her problem with jude without any regret about it? and how he defended her by explaining everything to his parents. Oh almost forgeting when he angrilly says “don’t touch her” to her and jude’s foster father. Wow! is all I can get out of there that was so sweet of him.

I believe he is perfect and she is totally broken which make those to an excelent and complicated match. Opposites attrack isn’t that right?.

So that’s about it for right now. My first blog post is done. Working in a second addition with more actions and personal opinions. The next post is going on the first 5 episodes.