There is alway a first time for everything or so it seems. People drive each others crazy about first time but they are not special because you are totally naive. First time going to school made a fool out of myself refusing to go, first post a complete mess, and so on.

Is the innocence inside you, the fear, expectations or regardless of the emotion you maye are feeling is really inexperienced that makes you do something out of place and it makes this time the first time memorable.

Therefore, It is not about first or last is about you and how you feel. All your life will be about that and the people who tried to help you if there is any. Do not feel as if first time are special because they are the result of something that you did.

YOU are the one exceptional, the one that’s making history, the one that will be remember, then make sure those first times are special. You can do that!



Crushing Dreams


Wow, it is almost one of the last blogs, time goes fast when you watch, write, and read the fosters. I remember being yesterday when I was describing the show and introducing the characters. We will move fast so the completely season 1 is done by the last blog.This one in particular rehearsals a little info on the next three episodes with some comments.

Well, I recall saying Step’s dad die so what comes on takes places on his funeral. Callie and Jude have memories about their mother, she feels sad and remorse  by this because in one of this memories Callie and her mom where fighting and she didn’t say good bye a  typically line when someone dies. Jude at the other hand ask for permission to be adopted his scene is more sweet, tender which makes the audience chuckle.

Emma arrives at the funeral with food, she is Jesus’s wrestling teammate. You can see that there is an attraction between those two although is mostly Emma who is very affectionate to Jesus.

Continuously Callie gets out of Girls United to go live with Step and Leena at their house. One the most important thing that I sure will lead up the story is Brandom talking with a friend who has fake IDs and he sells them. Mariana is simplely going boy crazy, first she liked Chase reason why she volunteer to help the school play then she meets Zac who asks her out. Oh, boy the only thing she thinks for now is who will be her first boyfriend. Chase flirts with Mariana he reaches to intensely kiss her, but Mariana pulls away and said he got the wrong impression. This happens at a party the same one where Brandon is with his new friend the one with the fake IDs.

In school after seem Jesus with Emma, Mariana reminds him that he has a girlfriend(Mariana’s best friend) who is in Honduras now. Mariana is in the hallway when a bunch of guys and Chase suddenly laugh at her. The most logical explanation for this is that Chase probably tell those guys lies about him and Mariana.

Is it really to much to ask for, just a little knowledge into the boys’ brain I mean even Brandon is being irresponsible when he decides to give his “friend” the keys of a room at school to make him a fake ID.

Then more with Mariana and boys Callie tell her that Zac has a crush on her. Later Mariana has a discussion with Zac because he heard she had something with Chase. Mariana tries to explains and two boy stand in front of her and they are hiding panties on their backpockey. Mariana goes to her lockers and a bunch of men’s underwear falls out. Obviously, she confronts Chase about this, and he expectedly denies everything.

Leena takes Mariana to talk to her something about how to deal with guys. Almost forget at the funeral Step find Leena pregnacy pills, they had no time to disgust since well it was Step’s dad who die so she didn’t really say anything about it.

That was all the funeral, the outside at the party and illegal stuff, and in the schools hallway with Mariana’s boys problem.

Fam action

Finally, that is enough about Callie. I personally start to think it should has been a solo show, but there is once again a part that involves all the family members together.

Opening image at the Foster’s house it is a great morning Jesus is working out while Mariana is worrying about the play and her new crush. Everyone is getting ready to visit Callie at Girls United after a productive day at school.

The kids go to their school and Steph goes to work, Lena takes a different path though, she goes to see a doctor because she wants to get pregnant. We hear her talk to the doctor about her possibilities about having a baby, and how much she wants to have a child of her own. Although she has not previously talk to her wife(Steph) about this, or with any of the kids.

Callie snicks around the house, she finds a phone and immediately  texts Brandon, I know she is just asking for more trouble. One of the girls or whatever finds her and takes away the phone.

well, the time arrives the family goes to see Callie, they are all in one room. Even know Jesus misses Callie alot, he is still upset with her, and he make up his main and decided he wants to be adopted no matter what happens to her, his sister. Right there Rita who runs the house and is responsible for the girls speaks to Steph and Lena and tells them that Callie applied for the Independent Leaving Program.

This is like dromping a bomb on them 👊 because this estates that Callie wants to be responsible for herself and she is doubting the process of adoption. Sure, all of this has nothing to do with Brandom😃  if she gets adopted them Brandom and her cannot be together, but if she doesn’t they actually could be something and have a relationship.

The idea of independent living is throw out there. After, Daphne one of Callie’s friends, at Girls United gets out of the foster system, by this mean.

It is a new day, all of the girls are helping Daphne to accommodate her stuff at her apparment and saying goodbye.

Brandom goes to see Callie at Daphne’s apparment the girls left them alone for a moment. This was one of the most wonderful moment when Brandon sing a love song to Callie💝 that kind tells their story just the two of them.

That excited, wonderful feeling created when seem those two together is broken by the last scene. Steph goes to see her dad at his house, and she finds him dead. The good thing was that there was no blood he was as sleep and she didn’t knowest it, until she yelled at him and there was no response and no awaken.

Turn down

Episode 12 and 13

Last episode was a roller coaster of emotions, following this girl’s journey, we were left with Callie turning herself into the police for stealing a sandwich and a soda. Ironically, she is a rebel, who has done lots kind of things but stealing was not something you would consider someone would go to jail for.

In this moment though, in episode twelve Callie gets introduced to the people who would decide what will happen to her. Step and Lena decided to not interfere with the law. Callie has gone to jail twice already, and  if you go back a little you will remember the first episode when Callie hits her foster father’s car to defend Jude ( her little brother). Well, and since the accident with Brandon, Callie gets sent to a foster girls home. There she meets a lots of girls, but more importantly Rita the woman that works in the care system, and its in charge of the house she is now.

Brandon feels bad, and he sets out to be track her location  since Steph and Lena are not telling him anything about the case with Callie. Jesus is having problems with his health after playing a basketball game with Mike( Brandon’s father) and he faints. Later on Brandon over hears Callie is at Girls United and he proceed looking online.

Callie is in the care home and Rita makes many rules and guides to live there. Callie looks at the window and sees Brandon; she runs outside and hugs him.

Steph and Lena want to adopt Callie, talking about this with  Callie’s probation officer who gives them a restoration order to keep Callie and Brandon apart. They are foster brothers or they will be and they can’t be together.

Oh, and Mariana volunteers to help the play at the school just to impressed a  very cute guy. While Jesus tries for the wrestling team. After Mike tell him to do sport. Although Jesus wants to get out his aggression, ranginess, but instead he gets crush a by girl. Yeah he went against a girl to fight and he lost. A girl has an advantage when she gets match up with guy in a fight of course not always.

Callie is staying at Girls United, but she is trying to figure out how to get out of that place legally of course.




Night Out

Hello, here we are back again. It does feel like long time, but even know this show is once a week it actually moves really fast. Since last time this problematic girl has been missing Callie, of course well I’ll first say the excited part she is and jail now.

Interested to know how she got there keep reading. Not here, keep going.

is my honor to say that bad things do not need a lot requirement to get then done just gotta be yourself.

At the end of episode ten, we see Callie getting on a bus, but I don’t know why since she is heading no where. Well, expectantly with no destination she is force to get off at the last stop. Expose to many risk out there, with strange people Callie decides to call her dad from one of the public phone. This is when she realizes her dad was out of jail.

Oh, that skip that part. Her dad went to jail for driving drunk, and he was responsible for killing his wife. It was a car accident he was driving. Then Callie and Jude where put in a foster home.

That moment the authorities on the line tell her he got out is priceless her expression is unique. She brakes into tears. All the emotion are felt in this scene.

In the house Brandon and Jude have a special moment when they both came out and say that it wasn’t the others fault Callie left.

We are transmitted to Callie was again, she starts to think about Steph and Leena their moms, two lovely women. Callie feels guilty like she betrayed them because of what happened with Brandon and she knows that the kiss was wrong that they are foster brothers. Any way even know is wrong I do not agree with her they  are not brothers, and they are in love there is nothing wrong with that.

For fathermore lets just say Callie went to a store and grab a soda and sandwich not to use the term steal. The businessmen at the store knows this, and call the police by this time she does not care about anything. It was like in the first episode when she gets beat up so sad and careless.

This what I mean about doing bad things just gotta be yourself, do not think. You get hungry then you eat(steal), you love someone then you expressed this(wrong), you do not care about something( It hurts).

Prove my point.✔




It Blows Your Mind

Wow, this occasion is the moment to describe the most unexpected and little hurtful two episodes in a row. Yes, it is double info, double fun. There is also a kind of excited situation that can only be seeing, to be feel.

Unfortunately, that action takes place on a hospital.


One of the family members, Steph got shoot. After she and Mike where searching Ana’s house because apparently Jesus went to see Ana, but the audience doesn’t really know much Just that everything is dark and then the “bang” is heard. Not that interested it is actually a microsecond of excitement at first, then it changes the mood to sad and hurtful. Well, Mike obviously takes Steph to the hospital, so she can have the proper medical aid.

Back on the world of before, before you know the love of your life is unconsiently in critical conditions. Lena picks up Jesus who was  downtown getting Ana into a women shelter. Finally, almost all the family members are waiting anxiously for news on Step’s state, tension builds up.

The only one outside is Callie who is talking to Wyatt about Brandom. Letting us find out that she likes Brandom.

Marriage is our next stop. Steph and Lena’s wedding has lots of ups and downs, and disgraments on casual things as the flower and the dressing parts. Rumors/critical comments are made by both Steph and Lena’s families about this type of marriage between two women. I not sure when did one of them ( Steph or Lena) propose, I guess some of the flashbacks Steph had while injured make them do this faster.

During the flashback we see how they met, and how their relatioship grew, until they decided to have a family, after falling in love with eachother.

Everything is going great, well relatively speaking, but then Callie shows and the picture. She has a emotional slipped that can destroy the chances of her and Jude of getting adopted.

What I mean about this, during the wedding ceremony Brandon was telling her how beautiful and smart she is, he conclude by adding that she deserves better. PUFF! It came from slow motion to a rapidly kiss. Jude sees them and tells Callie that she always ruins everything, so Callie runs away.

Oh, and something really sweet that happens by the end is that Mariana sings a song to their mothers. The viewers are left with a scene were Callie packed her stuff and leaves the house. I know is so selfish of her leaving his little brother so he can get adopted and she cannot ruin more things for him.😃😃